Cockroach Treatment :

Five species of cockroaches in India that can become pests: German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, American Cockroach, Brownbanded Cockroach, and Smokybrown Cockroach.

The German and Brownbanded Cockroaches inhabit inside the building and American cockroaches usually mostly live outdoors.

They are adapting to various climatic conditions but prefer warm conditions. They live in residential, offices, shops, schools, hospital, Hotel, factory & warehouse etc.

They transmit diseases to humans such as diarrhea, food poisoning, asthma and allergic reaction to humans, dysentery etc.

Cockroaches can live without food and water up to 3 to 4 months. Also, cockroaches can live up to a year. They prefer eating stale foods.

A female German cockroach carries an egg containing around 30 to 40 cockroaches. Development from eggs to adults takes three to four months.

Method of Treatment :

The treatment is done by using gel treatment wherein the high active ingredient is applied at all cockroaches hide out places resulting in total control of cockroaches and other pests. Thus gives the suitable result. The method of application of Herbal Gel is such that it is inaccessible to infant pets. Cockroach pest control gel treatment is 100% safe for kids. The gel treatment is done with the help of a syringe.

Benefits :

  • Completely odourless, eco-friendly, hassle free and safety.
  • Not Necessary to empty Kitchen.
  • Active Ingredient, Long-Lasting and effective treatment. Above we provide services anytime during the day.

Spray Treatment :

Before The Treatment : 1) All utensils, containers, raw and cooked food should be removed from the kitchen and kept on the dining table or in the middle of the drawing or some other room. They should be covered with an old bed sheets or newspapers so that the insecticide does not accidentally fall on them. The insecticide reacts with plastic and silver. Hence all plastic and silver articles should be kept away under cover.

During the Treatment : Customer has a belief that cockroaches do not die by inhaling the vapour of the insecticide. They die only when they come in contact with the insecticide. Keeping the windows closed is harmful for the technicians while performing the treatment in the premises. So do not close the windows while the treatment is going on.

After the Treatment : After the treatment is done, leave the place undisturbed for about two to three hours. After three hours, mop the surfaces which have been sprayed with our insecticide, with a dry cloth only. Do not wash those surfaces for about two days. due to the residual effect on the surfaces.

Customer need not to be worried regarding the mark on the surface, wall, tiles done with an insecticides treatment by our technicians. The insecticide does not create any stain marks on the surface, wall, tiles, and wooden surface etc.

This spray treatment is effective against cockroaches, red and black ants, lizards and spiders.

Society Treatments: Cockroaches

In case of society or common area pest control this spray treatment is carried out in society common areas like staircase, manholes, terrace, watchman cabins, lobby, and passages.

Frequency of Service.

Once in every three month for total control on cockroaches, we recommend take Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC contract).

Preventive Measures of Cockroaches

  • Keeping all water and food stored in sealed containers,
  • Using garbage cans with tight lids,
  • Frequent cleaning in the kitchen.
  • Any water leaks, such as dripping taps, should be repaired.
  • It is also helpful to seal any entry points, such as holes around baseboards, between kitchen cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows with some cement.


Life Cycle Of Coackroaches

life cycle of a cockroaches

cockroach images
cockroach images

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