Mosquitoes Pest Control

The life cycle of all mosquitoes comprises of egg, larval, pupal and adult stages. Male mosquitoes feed on plant and females extract the blood of humans in order to develop eggs.

Culex - Mosquitoes lay eggs in polluted waters such as drains, ponds, stagnant streams, pool, tanks, barrels, tins, wells, sewage manholes, overhead tanks and other artificial containers.

Anopheles - Mosquitoes lay eggs in fresh stagnant water. Responsible for Malaria disease.

Aedes – Mosquitoes lay eggs in flower vase, single drop of water, storage tank, underground tank, ground cement tank, solid waste (drums), and earthen pots. Responsible for dengue disease.

Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes are the vectors of dengue and malaria diseases that transmit diseases from infected host to healthy host.

Females are capable of flying for miles and can lay over 100 eggs at a time. Larvae and pupae usually cannot survive without water.

Carbon dioxide is attractant to mosquitoes, and they can sense from more than 50 yards away.

pest control services for mosquito in mumbai
pest control services for mosquito in mumbai
pest control services for mosquito in mumbai

Method of Treatments :

The treatment is done either by spraying insecticides (odorless), Cold-fogging Machine, Mosquitoes/ Flies Catch Machine, Thermal Fogging Machine in order to control mosquitoes / flies in premises.

Spraying Insecticides (Odorless): The treatment is carried out with insecticides sprayed on the walls, curtains and ceilings. This insecticides spray has no mark or stain in the wall, ceiling or curtains and has very low toxicity. The mosquitoes come in contact either with a wall, ceiling or curtains and die. The residual effective of this treatment vary from 15 to 30 days. The treatment can be carried out in both residences and commercial area.

Cold-fogging Machine :

A special machine called ULV Mist blower is used producing droplets mist in the range of 5-50 microns. The machine consists of heavy blower, formulations tank, and nozzles. It creates an ultra low volume spray droplets which penetrate into cracks and crevices for controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects. The water based chemical is poured inside the machine, with the help of the machine the residual particles stick on the walls and give desirable result to the customer. It is very effective against mosquitoes and covers more area in less spray solution. It leaves no visible stain or mark in the premises. This mosquito control treatment is effective for 15-30 days. This treatment can be done in both residential and commercial areas.

Thermal fogging Treatment: Fortnightly

Thermal fogging : This is a process initiated to control air borne adult mosquitoes. Thermal fogging is one of the effective methods to keep away the adult mosquitoes. Chemically infused aqueous liquid is dispensed in the air at low volume to create an invisible chemical cloud which targets flying or resting mosquitoes. Ideal time for fogging is during dusk and dawn hours.

Larvae - Mosquito Control : An efficient way for mosquito control is to find and eliminate larval habitat (source reduction) in the large larval development sites such as swamps or sluggishly moving streams or ditches which may also require community-wide effort.

mosquito pest control services in mumbai

Proofing Method for Mosquitoes Control : Mosquitoes can be kept out of the home by keeping window, and door tightly screened.

Frequency of Services :

  • At least once in every month as per our recommendation in the household premises and take AMC Contract (Annual Maintenances Contract).
  • In shopping malls, hospital, hotels, restaurants, commercial building, factory, schools and colleges we recommends to do treatment after every 15 days of intervals and take AMC Contract with us.

Preventive Measures against Mosquitoes & Dengue Fever

  • Keep all drains free from choke.
  • Ensure that plastic sheets, canvas or tarpaulin used for weather protection in open areas are properly drained.
  • Change water in vases at least once a week.
  • Avoid using saucer to hold water from potted plants.
  • Clear water in saucer of potted plants every week and clean saucers with a brush to remove mosquito eggs or larvae that may attach to the surfaces.
  • Clear the water accumulated on tray beneath refrigerator and air conditioner at least once every week.
  • Clear household garbage everyday by disposing into the refuse bins which are covered properly.
  • Install mosquito screens on windows.


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