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Bed Bug is a insect usually seen in the bed or near by the beds thus it is named as Bed Bugs. The life span of the bed bugs is up to one year. A female bed bug lays approximately 250eggs during her lifetime.

It takes about five weeks to reach maturity at a room-temperature environment. The eggs hatch in about 6-10 days and the newly emerged bed bug seek a blood meal.

They live close to areas where people typically sleep, rest, or sit for long periods.

Bed bugs feed on the blood of people, using these blood meals to grow and reproduce.

Bed bugs eggs hatching period is 10-15 days.

Method of Treatment :

Bed Bugs Treatment : The Bed bugs treatment is done by insecticide spraying; especially concentrate in the bed joints, Mattress, Side table attached to the bed, Dressing Table, Pillow Covers, Sofa Sets, and Dining Table & Chairs.

The bed bugs die only when it comes in contact with the insecticides.

After the bed bugs treatment is done, leave the places undisturbed for about two to three hours. After two to three hours, it is advisable to wipe the surface where the insecticides spray has been done with a dry cloth only. At least, do not wash it for two days, due to the residual effect of the insecticides on the surfaces.

Customer need not to be worried regarding the mark on the surface wall, tiles, wooden surface done with insecticides treatment done by our techniques. The insecticide does not create any stain marks on the surface, wall, tiles, and wooden surface etc.

The bed bugs treatment takes about 2hrs for 500 to 600 sq. feet area.

It is advisable to do entire flats rather than doing one infested room as there is possibility of cross infestations.

Bed Bugs hatching period are 10 to 15 days.

Bed bugs treatment has to be repeated after 10-15 days interval since their eggs has hard coatings which protect them from insecticides sprayings. These tiny black eggs can be busted only by brushing them.

Benefits :

  • It is designed keeping human safety in mind.
  • Highly effective method of treatment and giving desired results to the customers.

Preventive Measures of Bed Bugs :

  • After pest treatment of bed bugs, it is advisable that bed sheets, pillow cases should go for washing for success of the treatment.

Frequency of Services :

One Major Service & Second Service is done between 10 to 15 days interval. We undertake 45 days, 60 days, 90 days & 180 days contract period depending upon customer requirements.


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