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House flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hair that cover their bodies. Diseases carried by house flies include typhoid (caused by eating food or drinking contaminated water water), cholera and dysentery, and tuberculosis. They are known as transferable diseases. Fruit Fly- Averaging 1/8-inch long, these small flies prefer to lay their eggs near fruits and vegetables, in addition to other decaying organic material. Fruit flies prefer near fermented materials in trash cans and floor drains.

An adult female fly lays up to 120 eggs at a time, and does so up to 5 times in life. It prefers laying eggs on organic material such as garbage and manure.

A fly lives for about 2 to 3 weeks, and in cooler temperatures it can survive for up to 3 months.

House flies mainly spread transferable diseases.

Instead disease-causing agents are spread on its body, in its mouth parts or through its vomitus and feces. House flies feed indiscriminately on a wide range of organic matter, from feces to food (fruits, vegetables and meat). And even direct contact with people that disease-causing agents are acquired and passed on.

Method of Treatments :

The treatment is done either by baiting, spraying insecticides (odorless), Cold-fogging Machine, Flies Catch Machine (Ultra-Violet light) in order to control flies in premises.

Baiting: The treatment is carried out through baits whereby with the active ingredients of the baits, the flies get attracted, consume and/or touch the bait which will result killing the files. The bait should be replaced frequently as it has a short duration of residual effect. Only house flies are most impacted by baits.

Spray Treatment : The treatment is carried out with insecticides spray in order to eliminate and control fly population around the exterior building. The treatment should be done in those premises where the chemical should not come in contact with the food otherwise will result in contamination of food, or food should be properly covered with a tin, plastic or cloth.

Proofing Method : In a commercial area, it is advisable to install fly catch machine which will help in reducing the population of flies in the premises.

Frequency of Services :

  • At least once in every month as per our recommendation in the household premises and take AMC Contract.
  • In shopping malls, hospital, hotels, restaurants, commercial building, factory, school and collages we recommend to do treatment after every 15 days of intervals and take AMC Contract with us.

Preventative Measures :

The first is making sure that entry points are sealed off properly and that any holes in window or door screens are repaired.

Secondly, if you have any cracks or openings on the outside of your home it is recommended that you seal them up with white cements.

Keeping your house or business clean and sanitized and throwing away overripe and rotting fruits and vegetables will help ensure that fruit flies do not invade your space.

This includes cleaning with a disinfectant, taking out the garbage and disposing of anything organic that has been sitting out for an extended period of time.

When a cluster fly has been killed in your home, either vacuum it up or dispose of properly, as it will attract beetles and other insects.


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